Gisborne, New Zealand

Gisborne is a city located in northeastern New Zealand. It is the largest settlement in the Gisborne District. Up until 1870, it was known as Turanga, and it was then renamed Gisborne.

The Climate in Gisborne

Gisborne is a very sunny place. The yearly average of sunshine hours is 2,200. The average high temperatures in January through March is in the low to mid 70’s. For the rest of the year, the high temperature drops to between 57 degrees and 73 degrees. The average lows in the city are not as low as you might think. The lowest average temperature is in the 40’s, and these temperatures usually occur between April and October.

Population of Gisborne

According to the 2013 census, the population of Gisborne was 43,656. This is 807 people less than the 2006 census. There are 16,185 dwellings that are occupied in Gisborne. There are 1,824 unoccupied dwellings and 51 dwelling under construction in the city. The population of Gisborne is very diverse. Of the population, 56.1 percent of the people of European descent, 45.1 percent are Maori, 2.2 percent are Asian, 3.5 percent are Pacific Islanders, 0.4 percent are Middle Eastern, Latin American or African, 1.4 percent are New Zealanders, and 0.05 percent are of other descents.

Things to Do in Gisborne

If you are planning to move to Gisborne or are just taking a trip there, you should know the best places to visit. Gisborne isn’t just well known for it’s great wine and nightlife, there are a number of cultural and historical activities to entertain you during your stay.

East Cape Lighthouse: East Cape Lighthouse is known as the first lighthouse to see the sunrise on the East Coast. You can pack a picnic and a camera, and head up the coast of Gisborne. It is a bit of a climb, however, when you get there it is worth it.

East Coast Museum of Technology: This museum will take you back in time to see how technology has progressed over the years. You can see early public phone boxes, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and office technology. This is a very interesting museum for anyone who has an interest in technology and the way that things used to be.

Gisborne Cycle Tour Company: If you enjoy biking and the outdoors, you should visit Gisborne Cycle Tour Company. You can take a ride through the country, and the company can even set up a meal and a wine tasting for you and your group. It is a great way to spend the day. (Amendment, as at 2016 the have opened a separate venture to deal with the cycle tour section of the company called Folding Bike Fan).

Dome Cinema: If you are a movie buff, you have to visit the Dome Cinema. You don’t sit in traditional movie theater seats. Instead, you have the choice between bean bag chairs or leather couches. You don’t need to worry about standing in line at the concession stand, as pizza and ice cream is delivered right to your seat. It is a small, intimate theater, where each guest gets personal attention from the staff.
If you are planning a trip, Gisborne, New Zealand is a city with friendly people and plenty of fun things to do.